How Pricing Software can Help Your Business

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Ever wonder how pricing software can add value to your business? without breaking the budget or spending a fortune.


Book a free presentation of Stratinis Pricing Suite and its capabilities. As we can deliver the software both as an in-house solution and a IT-hassle-free cloud-based subscription you can get up and running in very little time with a predictable, month fee.

Stratinis Pricing Suite comes in different modules that can be activated when you need them, including functionality within:

  • Pricing analytics, across products, segments, channels, organizations, countries and more
  • Price optimization
  • Pricing rules creation and enforcement
  • Deal Management
  • Revenue control
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Updating and publishing of hundred of thousands of prices in ecommerce and retail
  • Exchanging data with e.g. SAP or other ERP systems so data doesn't have to be entered twice.
  • and much more...

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